Bonanza's of  Historic Oyster Bay

Creating Memorable Flavors Since 1889

More than a Century of Italian Ices.

Philip Bonanza tells how his grandfather Chick, an Italian immigrant, rolled a pushcart from his Oyster Bay home to the waterfront two blocks away around 1900. There he would sell hot peanuts and Italian lemon ice. When Chick Bonanza later built a stand next to his house, neighborhood children would come to watch him squeeze the lemons and crank the handle on his rock-salt ices machine.

Philip, with the help of his son, Philip Jr., still sell the soft clouds of lemon ice made fresh at Bonanza Stand, in the same location. (Philip Jr. runs a separate wholesale business, Bonanzas of Bayville, supplying the ices to other vendors.) Read Full Article on NY Times

The Bonanza Family thanks all of our loyal customers for their continued patronage.
Owned and Operated by
Philip Bonanza Sr.